Horizon studio is a film distribution company, founded on the 31st of March 2015.

Made up of a young, passionate and aspirant team based out of Bangalore, India.

Our first release was Uttama Villain on the 1st May 2015 with a record 124 centers for the movie in Karnataka.

A total of 83 releases till date and many more to follow.

A firm which keeps its ‘Principles and Values’ as its forefront of business.

Tony A Raj

The man with the vision and dedication to make Horizon Studio happen, Mr Tony A Raj.

From humble beginnings, through thick and thin, endured ups and downs to come out stronger than ever  and founding Horizon Studio.

With years of hard work and discipline he has started various other mediums of business such as Aptech Franchise for Animation, Aviation and more.

A Leader who believes in allowing people to learn and explore things on their own and not stopping them from doing something that you said couldn’t be done.